CABWI Award in Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces Course equips candidates with the skills and knowledge to work safely in medium risk confined spaces including Top Man and Entry Controller duties.


Learners will gain an understanding of the procedures and equipment required to perform their tasks safely.

The course will instil an awareness of the relevant industry standards for workers operating in medium risk confined spaces.

Who Attends?
This unit is for those who work in a medium risk environment and includes preparing to work safely, entering and exiting medium risk confined spaces safely, using equipment and tools safely, following procedures and dealing with emergencies
The course can only be taken in English. Translators are not allowed under the awarding organisation exam condition rules.
The Aim
The aim of this unit is to reflect the national occupational standard for a medium risk related confined space environment.
Course Content
At the end of the training course delegates should be able to:

- Show an understanding of current legislation
- Recognise and classify a confined space.
- Produce Safe Systems of Work for entry into confined spaces including point of works risk assessment.
- Recognise diseases and understand the necessary personal hygiene requirements associated with confined spaces.
- Types and safe use of atmospheric monitoring equipment

- Use personal protective equipment, i.e., harnesses and access equipment.
- Types and use of escape breathing apparatus.
At the end of the training course delegates should know:

- The dangers associated with confined space working.
- How to risk assess a confined space.
- How to classify a confined space.
- Different types of escape breathing apparatus.
- How to undertake pre-entry checks on equipment.
- Correct and safe use of atmospheric monitoring equipment
- The necessary manning levels.
- Why there is a need for periodic examinations of equipment.
- The emergency procedures when working in a confined space.

A high proportion of practical exercises, including confined space entry, which will be supplemented with classroom-based tutorials.
Assessment: Practical observation and a short answer question paper
Additional Information
Candidates should inform their trainer if they have any serious health issues, physical problems, special considerations or are taking any medication, which may create difficulties in undertaking elements of this training course.